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To help you in making a decision as to whether you wish to volunteer at GWA; we are providing you with the following information as to who GWA is and what GWA stand for.

Thanks to Matthew Sloane and SoulfulBrand.com; GWA has branded it'self as having the following core values.


Greener Way Associates


Reconnecting from the ground up

Wholeness as a way of life

(ties the brand together, informing each brand element below)

Each quadrant holds one statement that represents the most resonant aspect of that element...

WHY are we offering this service?  what do we believe in that conveys why this matters to us?

We help diverse elements to reconnect as a community to achieve wholeness in themselves by living in harmony with others while honoring the ecosystem.

WHO is our audience?

Property owners (residential & business), Faith & other Community agencies, Schools and local underserved Youth that want to connect as a wholesome, more sustainable community.

HOW do we uniquely serve
our customers?

We provide opportunities to mentor underserved youth in delivering sustainable, edible landscapes while creating a community that serves as an extended family.

WHAT outcome are we inviting them into?
what is it that they gain after working with you / how are they impact

All who participate feel a deeper connection within themselves & with others, creating beneficial relationships for all involved with each other & the earth

GWA believes in and follows the guidelines set forth in the The Earth Charter .   All volunteers, mentors and employees, must read and follow these guidelines as they apply to GWA.

GWA does not have political or religious affiliations and considers every person to be of equal value, reguardless of where that person may be from, what color their skin might be or what they believe in; so long as they do no harm to themselves or others. 


Please send email to Admin@GreenerWayAssociates.org if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

                                                    GWA.is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization 

Privacy Disclosure: All information submitted on this page will be available to the public.    Greener Way Associates shall not be held liable for any information that you submit on this form.  Please do not put any personal id information such as credit card numbers.  All submissions are screened and any inappropriate or private confidential information will be promptly deleted.
GWA public records can be found by clicking on this link
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