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7 Ways to Save Water

1.  Establish an Ecological Home Water CycleGreywater, rain catchment, and water-efficient agriculture and landscaping-use.

2.  Eat Organic Food and Support Local, Organic Agriculture.  Organic food uses water more efficiently than large corporate farms and local agriculture uses less oil and other fossil fuels.  Better yet grow your own organic vegetables save money and help the earth.

3.  Vote Against Corporate Water Control.  Fight corporate takeover of local waterways.  If they already control local water vote them out of your community.  There focus is on making a profit not efficiency.

4.  Bring Back Native Habitats.   Native plants have lived in your area for 1000s of years on the existing water supply.  Imported and exotic plants often use far more water and are overloading our water resources.

5.  Support  Watershed Stewardship Coalitions.  These coalitions are made up of scientists, farmers and environmentalists and develop long-term, sustainable strategies for water conservation with harsh penalties for waste and pollution.

6.  Use Water Efficient Appliances.  Watch for rebates and save more.

7.  Save and Recycle Paper and Plastic.  The paper and pulp industry is the number one polluter of world waterways.  All phases of plastic, including recycling, us water and cause pollution.  Better yet do not even buy any disposable plastic.

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Last Updated February 26, 2013
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