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Landscape Architect & Arborist

Los Angeles-based Landscape Architect and Consulting Arborist, principal of Pieter Severynen Associates, serving homeowners, commercial and institutional clients in the Western United States. Consult on trees, assess outdoor environments, and create integrated, low resource use, emotionally appealing, environmentally sensitive, ecologically sustainable green space designs that emphasize character-revealing trees and shrubs, low-maintenance and long-term viability.   

My design philosophy has always involved the blend of the architectural organization and flow of space with sustainable, organic and natural systems.  Good design should have structure and form, using the systems to enhance the design while functioning as efficiently as possible. I push myself to learn something new everyday.  I like challenges and finding innovative solutions to reducing impact on the environment and consumption of natural resources.

Partnership for Re-Entry Program
A restorative justice program and half way house.  PREP recently started an LLC named Starfish Services which utilizes the many skills learned during lengthy sentences.  These skills include electricians, plumbers, welders, painters, and janitors.

Navdanya means �nine seeds� (symbolizing protection of biological and cultural diversity) and also the �new gift� (for seed as commons, based on the right to save and share seeds In today�s context of biological and ecological destruction, seed savers are the true givers of seed. This gift or �dana� of Navadhanyas (nine seeds) is the ultimate gift � it is a gift of life, of heritage and continuity. Conserving seed is conserving biodiversity, conserving knowledge of the seed and its utilization, conserving culture, conserving sustainability .
Bountiful Gardens sells untreated open-pollinated non-GMO seed of heirloom quality for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. We are able to offer many varieties as Certified Organic, Natural, Biointensive or Grow BiointensiveTM sustainable seed. CCOF Certified Organic Handler, CDFA OP #23-0336.

Westchester (Los Angeles)  
High-yield vegetable gardening in the year-round growing season of Southern California. How do you achieve Abundant Harvests of rich, nourishing vegetables within our tight city footprint without a lot of gardener time and without having to buy a lot of "stuff"?

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To Bring Forth An Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfilling, Socially Just Human Presence On This Planet.

Howard Lichtman

10714 Esterina Way
Culver City California 90230

Seed Library of Los Angeles ; SLOLA
     A seed library held in trust for the members of the library.  Members come to the library and borrow seed for their garden.  They grow the plants in their garden and at the end of the season, they leave a plant or two to 'go to seed.'  From those plants, they collect seeds and return the same amount of seed (or more) as they borrowed at the beginning of the growing season.  No cost for seeds.

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Rawbyn's Radical Water
(310) 707-2158

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Karl Jean-Guerly P�tion
Studio Web Site

roots logo Our organization was founded to address the environmental justice concern of lead in the soil. In 2005, Worcester Roots made the decision to prioritize youth empowerment through its projects. In 2008, we expanded our focus to address economic, social and environmental justice. Within our focus on economic justice, we have a particular interest in supporting worker co-operatives (businesses or projects that are run and owned by workers) and promoting the development of green jobs in our city.

72 Secrets to Happiness - A self help guide to happiness and blog.


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