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At we hope to not only show nutritious was to use what we grow in the garden but to teach classes on how to create delicious and healthy meals.

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Cauliflower, white beans and rice pasta with zucchini saut�ed in extra virgin olive oil with tomato, garlic and onions.

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Tuna Sandwiches on wheat, cold slaw, sliced vegetables and fresh fruit.
vines pasta110910
Chicken vegetable and rice soup with garden salad.
vines pasta110910
Split Pea Soup with organic ham bits. Served with cold slaw and raw vegetables.
vines pasta110910
Turkey soup in chicken stock with carrots, zucchini and green pepper. Served with rice and veggies.
vines pasta110910
Cauliflower, tomatoes and rice. Served with cold slaw and raw vegetables.
vines pasta110910
Chicken Soup and Greek Salad.
vines pasta110910
Chicken Fajitas.
vines pasta110910
Cheese turkey burger picnic with cold slaw.
vines pasta110910
Greek salad and chicken vegetable rice bowl.
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Last Updated December 12, 2013
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